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I picked up a health magazine a couple of weeks ago and started reading a great article about heart disease that I just have to share.

In 1989 an American Scientist by the name of Linus Pauling and his associate Matthias Rath, MD developed a protocol called the Pauling Therapy. The therapy is ingenious using mainly higher than normal doses of Vit C and Lysine (amino acid) to prevent and potentially reverse the effects of atherosclerosis or narrowing of the blood vessels.

As a health professional I am stunned that this remarkable and very low-cost therapy seems to have gone relatively unnoticed by the medical community.

So here we go on a brief overview of CHOLESTEROL

Cholesterol, at normal levels, is an essential substance for our body – it is our friend ok Cholesterol is carried around the blood by lipoproteins of which there are two types LDL – low-density lipoprotein ( is also known as bad cholesterol) HDL – high-density lipoprotein ( is also known as good cholesterol)

Over time coronary arteries – our blood vessels – can begin to deteriorate due to the constant pressure put on them and can become weak and watery. Free radicals can also effectively “dent” arteries and so our body responds by sending cholesterol to repair or patch-up arteries. The cholesterol acts like a plaster cast (plaque) over the artery wall so they do not rupture BUT as this builds up it can lead to atherosclerosis – or narrowing of the artery. The question being is the so-called “bad” cholesterol actually the hero here???

Vit C is crucial as we require high levels in our diet to manufacture the vast amounts of collagen required for the maintenance of blood vessels, bones, intervertebral discs, organs, skin, ligaments, cartilage and tendons and teeth. Arteries deficient in Vit C start to deteriorate and will become weak. Vit C may potentially be used to help strengthen arteries so that the body does not need to use cholesterol to repair or patch up.

LYSINE (an essential amino acid) apparently can act as an Lp(a) binding inhibitor – Lp(a) being the sticky form of LDL. This means that the re-inforcing plaque in blood vessels is attracted to Lysine at a safe, slow, molecular level and is then processed or cleared by the liver.

If you are interested in this information then you can find plenty on google. Search – Linus Pauling. The magazine article I read was in The NZ Journal Natural Medicine Nov 2016 titled Reversing Heart Disease. There are also supporting studies if you check out Stop Americas #1 Killer.

This is all new technology for me and a huge thank you to my daughter and son-in-law for their time, effort and patience in keeping me up-to-date with the latest.

I have decided to write these pages in a somewhat informal manner.

There will be information on a range of subjects not just Osteopathy. As you may know I have a background in Naturopathy so expect health articles and anything random that may take my interest and I feel important to share with you. I hope you get something out of these blogs, and anyway i just enjoy writing them, so watch this space.

Knowledge is power


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