Andrea Buchanan

Director/ Physiotherapy Innovation

“The thought of handing over my newborn baby to the hands of another person was an extremely daunting and scary thought for me. As any new mother will know this is a time full of heightened emotion and uncertainty, particularly when your baby is visibly in distress or pain, and whilst you yourself are in those early recuperating days. Working in the industry, I was in fact very skeptical and worried about therapists that “worked with babies” and if it wasn’t for the trust that I had in my midwife, I am not sure whether I would have picked up the phone and followed her recommendation to call Dianne.

I can only say that I am so very thankful that I did. Within one session our daughter was able to open her right eye again, her nose was straight, she was able to turn her head, was able to latch properly on the right side whilst breastfeeding and became much easier to settle to sleep. The impact of Dianne’s very gentle approach in eliminating any signs of secondary effects of the birth was just profound.

Dianne also demonstrated osteopathic techniques for winding and burping and provided practical advice on positioning which again were all priceless gems to learn in these early days.

We had two separate incidents during the first year of her life with falls and again within one session each time our daughter was back to her normal self. Further follow up has certainly been for my own peace of mind probably not really believing that one session could in fact fix the problem.

Dianne’s love of babies is immediately obvious and this carries through to her handling, interaction and visible joy in what she is doing. I would have paid several times over for what Dianne has provided in her sessions. I cannot speak highly enough of Dianne’s work”.
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